Thinking of coming to the UK to Study ? Work or simply Visiting ? One of the first and most essential item, you will carry with you is your mobile phone. But with the sim card from your own country, think again ? The high cost of roaming charges makes it both expansive and impractical. Getting a local SIM card makes a lot more sense, especially now that most people have a Smartphone which will work overseas. At UKSIMS we make it much easier for you to get any UK SIM card and absolutely FREE of Charge too. All you pay is a small charge for shipping to your country. By obtaining a local SIM card prior to your arrival to the UK have many benefits, namely:

Please note unlike a lot of other countries, it is FREE to receive calls in the UK. The bundled minutes in your tariff does not get deducted when you answer a call. Why not take a look at our website – now in 5 different languages, it will be constantly updated with new and useful information.

Big savings
No expansive roaming charges.

Big savings
You can give out your UK mobile number to all your friends and relatives, so that they are able to contact you the minute you arrive.

Big savings
You are able to put your UK mobile telephone number in your CV, or your application to the college / university you’ll be studying.


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